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Walking On Sunshine Blotter Art Frank Kozik 2021 Printers Proof


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“Walking On Sunshine” Blotter Art

“Walking On Sunshine” Blotter Art

Perforated piece. 30 rows of 30 tabs.

Blotter Art Origin: After the US government made LSD illegal people continued to use LSD, but it was manufactured and distributed through underground illegal channels. A popular way of distributing LSD was called “blotter”. It involved saturating absorbent blotting paper with liquid LSD. Later the papers were perforated along the lines of a grid so that doses could be torn apart easily, and small symbolic pictures were added to the paper to provide clues as to the origin of the LSD that paper contained. Not surprisingly, considering the substance it was used to distribute, the symbolic pictures gradually became creative and amazing designs, later gaining independent existence any many designs have never been used to actually distribute LSD.


Signed & Numbered by Frank Kozik

Measures 7.5″ Square

Printers Proof Edition

RARE Limited Edition

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Weight 0.9 lbs




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Blotter Art


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