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Woodstock Concert Poster 1969 Authorized 25th Anniversary Printing


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Signed Woodstock Concert Poster

Woodstock Music & Art Fair

@ Max Yagur’s Farm

Bethel, NY

August 15 -18, 1969

Richie Havens, Arlo Guthrie, The Who, Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Band, CCR, Santana, Mountain, Canned Heat & more!

During an era of complex psychedelic rock posters, the original Woodstock poster received negative feedback for its over the top, trippy design. In 1969, the organizers of Woodstock called in Arnold Skolnick, a New York graphic designer at the time, to create a replacement piece. He began designing with simplicity in mind. A white bird perched on a blue and green guitar was enough for him to get the point across. He wanted people who could only get a glimpse of the poster to know exactly what the festival was about. While he was just told to come up with a poster for a 3 day music festival, he added “3 Days of Peace and Music” Woodstock’s now famous mantra. This iconic piece has become a part of music history that represents everything Woodstock stood for.

Designed & Signed by original artist, Arnold Skolnick

Authorized 25th Anniversary Printing

22 1/16″ x 30″

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